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Find your peace.

Black motherhood is an enigma. 

We want to give our families the best, so we do it all and it seems as if our work is never finished. But, if we admit to being tired, overworked, depressed or anxious, we are told that we need to be "strong". . .to "get it together" and handle our business.

But what if you can't? What if you just don't have anything left to give? What if you desperately need a chance let go. . .to give up control and not have to do everthing?

What if you're also afraid that, if you let go, everything will fall apart and you will be blamed? Judged.

For some black mothers, giving up control is not an option. She's all there is to hold up her family. There's simply too much at risk.

I understand. I've been there. I've been a mother in every circumstance and at every stage. I've felt stuck and unable to decide which mattered more - my family's happiness or my own. My peace or my family's. This was a choice that I didn't want to make, so I chose a different way and a new purpose.

When you feel bombarded by your children's neverending needs, or maybe your partner's unhelpful behavior and lack of support, or a job that depletes you, a sense that your life lacks purpose and a society that misunderstands and judges you constantly.

We've been led to believe that worry and stress just come with the territory of motherhood. That, if we think over and vent about a problem long enough, we'll run into the answer. 

That's just not true.

You can't worry away your child's anger issues or health problems. You can't vent away the stresses in your relationship. In reality, the more you think about what's wrong in your life, the less power you have to change it.

We have another choice. We don't have to feel permanently stuck. We don't have to accept the stereotypes that society has imposed upon black motherhood.

We don't have to be "strong black women", or "angry black women", or violent, overworked, tough and neglected.

We CAN be resilient, happy, sweet, in flow, soft and deeply cared for.

Whatever your family and personal life looks like, today, you have the power to make it the most harmonious, free, peaceful and purpose filled life you can imagine.

It's my joy to show you how.

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