I'm Marilyn Oduenyi. I'm a trained Cognitive Behaviorial Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Peaceful Parenting Coach and Conscious Motherhood Mentor. For years, I've helped dozens of mamas free themselves from the grip of stress and anxiety and create more joy than they ever imagined by aligning themselves with their peace, purpsose and power as the harmonious heart and life force of their families.

In my mentoring program for black mothers (and mothers of color), I teach a step by step method to help change old behavior and thinking patterns that lead to stress and anxiety into healthy mindsets, peace filled relationships and true happiness.

I'm passionate about and dedicated to healing black families by supporting black mothers. It's my joy to watch mothers come into their own power as the makers of their own happiness and give them the tools they need to design an environment of love and trust for their families.

I’m, most importantly, a wife to my wonderful husband who I’m grateful and so fortunate to be sharing this journey with and a mama to two beautiful teenagers who are my greatest and most dedicated teachers.

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