The Peaceful Black Mama

Becoming A Conscious Parent

Black mothers face a complex and daunting challenge.

As naturally loving mamas, we all want a warm and harmonious relationship with our children.  

But, in spite of our good intentions, we often find ourselves in relationships with our offspring that are full of stress, anger, chaos and anxiety. Rather than the peaceful and loving relationship that we’d hoped for, we end up in bitter, contentious, exhausted coexistence that mirrors the painful patterns from our own childhood and reflect the stereotypes pushed on us by society.

Contrary to our greatest desires and intentions, too many of our young, black children grow up feeling misjudged, diminished and disempowered. This lack of connection can be emotionally devastating to mothers who wholeheartedly want a loving connection with our children.  

Are we simply doomed to repeat these cycles?

Not at all.  

There is a path for creating massive change in your relationship with your child and all of your loved ones and transform it from frustrating dysfunction to joyful harmony. Walking this path will demand that you change the way you view these relationships and how you engage with them. It is a path of awakening within self and conscious manifestation of your deepest desire to foster deep and powerful connection with your children.

This course will guide you on a path that reveals the most typical causes of stress and anxiety in black families and how to change the dynamic to one that is healing and empowering for everyone.

 This is a revolutionary method because it completely alters the mindset around black motherhood and creates space for moms to release their trauma, fear and need for control. 

Because, with so much toxicity already aimed at them from society, nothing harms black children more than black parents projecting their own unhealed trauma and anxieties on their young lives. 

Mothers will discover how to resolve their most common fears and transmute them into powerful tools for more complete connection and harmony.

*This course in Beta.


You're in luck! I'm letting a limited number of students join the BETA testing phase of this course for $147.

Normal price: $497 

Your Early Bird price: $147 


Here's what you'll learn...


• Stop the pattern of conflict and control and create a new dynamic of connection and communication

• Patiently handle angry outbursts and teenage angst from a position of strength and compassion 


• Help yourself and your child overcome even the most debilitating anxieties and fears 

• Redefine success and happiness for your black child and family


• Compassionately understand your child when they are struggling and meet their innermost emotional needs 

• Create a connection that fosters trusting communication and engagement


• Understand the reasons and the ways your children trigger you in order to positively redirect every interaction 

• Withdraw from toxic interactions with your children and align with them in a relationship that supports spiritual and emotional growth


The course begins January 5th, 2020 with a “round table” group mentoring call and discussion introducing the course and answering your questions.

 Then, throughout the course, there will be scheduled group calls or LIVE Q&A videos to discuss the lessons, answer questions and share your thoughts. 

Don’t worry if you miss a conference call or live video as they will be recorded and available for later review.  


• Full 8 Week Course of Study

• Personal Mentoring 

• Group Mentoring

• Supportive Facebook Group 

• Email & Messaging Access for Questions 

• Lifetime Access to All Lessons

Starting January 5th, you will receive access to our Private Facebook Group where lessons will be available every day for 8 weeks.

 If you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, each lesson will conveniently remain in the Facebook Group and Google classroom so you won't have to search for it when you're ready to get back to it.  

Additionally, you will receive a private mentoring session with me to go deeper into your personal needs as well as daily email access to further support you and answer your questions.  

The cost?  

Eventually, I will ask $497 for this course, but, as my thanks for your support and feedback as I develop this course by participating in the beta phase, you will only pay $147. 


Hi, I'm Marilyn Oduenyi.

I'm a trained Cognitive Behaviorial Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Peaceful Parenting Coach and Conscious Motherhood Mentor. 

For years, I've been helping dozens of mamas free themselves from the grip of stress, anxiety and generational trauma to create more joy than they ever imagined by aligning themselves with their peace, purpsose and power as the heart and life force of their families.  

In my mentoring programs for black mothers, I teach transformational methods that help mamas to change old behavior and thinking patterns that lead to stress, anxiety and conflict into healthy mindsets, peace filled relationships and true happiness.  

I'm passionate about and dedicated to healing black families by supporting black mothers. It's my joy to watch mothers come into their own power as the creators of their own happiness and give them the tools they need to design an environment of love, freedom and trust for their families.  

Most importantly, I'm a wife to my wonderful husband who I am grateful to share this journey with and a mama to two beautiful teenagers who are my greatest and most dedicated teachers. 


Hurry! I'm only letting a small number of students in for the introductory "BETA" price of $147!

Normal price: $497  

Your price: $147 (For a Limited Time)