The Peaceful Black Mama:

How to Overcome Anxiety + Stress & Become the Harmonious Heart of Your Family

Hey, Mama!

When you came into motherhood, did you believe it would be such a challenge to your character, relationships and sense of self?  

If you’re anything like me it probably caught you by surprise.  

I mean, I expected the basic struggles of losing sleep, changing hormones, and a tighter budget, but never in a million years did I foresee the amount of pressure and stress it would place on so many areas of my life.  

I felt frustrated, isolated, misunderstood, like I’d lost my freedom and like I was stuck in a permanent cycle of struggle.  

I tried to read the books and articles that were supposed to help me, but nothing seemed to truly resonate with my experience as a black mother or any mother of color that I knew.  

I was lost.  

I tired of yelling, stressing, feeling overworked and underappreciated and judged by family, friends and society.

Does this sound familiar?

The good news is that things CHANGED!

Things began to change for me when I decided to stop focusing on what wasn’t working for me or how hard things were.  

I freed myself from the grip of anxiety when I decided to stop overthinking motherhood. When I decided to stop trying so hard to get in CONTROL of everything and chose to get in ALIGNMENT with what matters most.  

I learned that the key to conquering anxiety was not in working harder, being tougher or putting on rose colored glasses. It’s in, first, accepting who and where you are and then deciding who and where you want to be. It’s in tuning into your inner life and innermost resources to create peace within your own heart so that you can create even greater peace as the heart of your family.  

I did it. Others have done it with me. YOU can do it.  


My new course synergistically combines a full webinar, personal mentorship, group coaching and support to help you discover the tools you need to create the family life you've always dreamed of. 

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Read on below to learn more about what I'll teach you.

Ready to Change Your Life? 

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Here's what I'll be teaching...

The simple, step by step method my mamas use to free themselves of the daily anxiety and feelings of overwhelm brought on by societal expectations and cultural programming and are able to create a peaceful and joy filled family life, and uncover the true freedom and gift in being the heart of the family.

How being overly selfless and self sacrificing (i.e. the proverbial “Strong Black Woman) is actually sabotaging your efforts to create a joyful, unified family life and why YOUR peace and wellbeing is essential to their health and happiness.

Why trying to be perfect at everything and imitating the dominant culture (while pressuring your partner to do things your way) is actually blocking your chances at creating the respectful, loving and supportive partnership you deeply desire.  

How “overthinking” and focusing on what’s wrong or not turning out right actually locks you into anxiety and stress and keeps you blind to authentic solutions.

How the moms I work with win back the trust in their marriages and partnerships, break generational curses by creating tranquility in their parenting, powerfully fulfill their role as the LIFE force of their families and bring balance and rest into their own lives.


Sign up, today! I'm letting students in for a limited time for just $27!

Normal price: $97

Your price: $27 (for a limited time)